August 2019   
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Usher Schedule for 2019

Usher Schedule 2019

Below is the Usher Schedule for 2019. If you see a conflict with the Sunday(s) you have been scheduled please try and trade with someone and then let Kathy France (529-0718) or Shirley Stevens (537-2884) know of the trade. Thank you for serving your church family!

January                                                                               May                                                                      September

6- L. Ostergard/L. Osborn                                                  5-Herndon/Soller                                               1-C. Johnson

13-L. Ostergard/L. Osborn                                              12-Herndon/Soller                                                8-Vesley

20-Harrison                                                                        19-K. Clark/C. Moore                                         15-Vesley

27--Harrison                                                                       26-K. Clark/C. Moore                                         22-Rice


February                                                                              June                                                                       October

3- K. Graham                                                                         2-Clark                                                                 6-S. Johnson

10-K. Graham                                                                        9-Clark                                                                13-S. Johnson

17-Dalrymple                                                                      16-Clymer                                                            20-C. Healey

24-Dalrymple                                                                      23-Clymer                                                            27-C Healey

                                                                                               30-R. Whiting/J. Gill                                         

March                                                                                   July                                                                       November

3-B. Barrett/S. Ostergard                                                 7-R.Whiting/J. Gill                                                  3-Hilbers

10-B. Barrett/S. Ostergard                                              14-J.Kuxhausen/V.Peterson                                  10-Hilbers

17-J Franzen                                                                       21-J. Kuxhausen/V. Peterson                               17-Collins                                                           

24-Belanger/Bartels                                                         28-Kennicutt                                                           24-Collins



April                                                                                       August                                                                       December

7-France                                                                                4-Kennicutt                                                               1-Peyton

14-France                                                                            11-Williams                                                                8-Peyton

21-T. Healey                                                                        18-Williams                                                              15-Slack

28-T. Healey                                                                        25-C. Johnson                                                          22-A. Rickertsen

                                                                                                                                                                                 29-A. Rickertsen

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